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Congratulations to the 2017 Homecoming royalty winners, Jachike Madubuko and Rachel Bjork!

Parade float winners:
1st place: Montana Crane Services
2nd place: Simms
3rd place: Sigma Chi
Decorated MSU Office winner:
Academic Advising Center
Decorated MSU Residence Hall winner:
Roskie Hall Lobby



Dear MSU Students, 

Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of being your 2017 Homecoming Queen.  As a 4th generation Bobcat I am so proud to call this beautiful state and this university my Home. Montana State University is a place full of incredible people who are doing amazing things. I feel confident in our future everyday I meet a new student on our campus. MSU recruits top tier individuals who are dedicated to themselves, their futures, and their community. I am humbled to be able to represent this outstanding student body. From my self and the whole Bjork clan, thank you again for this honor! This is truly a memory I will never forget, and I can’t imagine spending my college days at a finer institution. GO CATS! 

-Rachel Bjork

Katelyn Gaffri|ASMSU Spirit Student Director| 406.994.2933