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Jerry Sheehan

Welcome to the new voicemail system
Aura Messaging

On July 22, the IT Center implemented a new voicemail system because the old voicemail system, Meridian Mail, had reached the end of its support cycle. The new system, Aura Messaging, offers several new features and a web interface where users can set preferences themselves, without placing a service request. Basic features can still be controlled through the telephone keypad.

Three steps to setting up your new voice mailbox:

  1. Log into your mailbox and set new password (your old password will not work).
  2. Record a personal greeting.
  3. Record a personal verification.

Important things to note on the new system:

  1. User call-forwarding via the forward button will need to be re-enabled. It was cancelled during the upgrade as a result of resetting the primary phone switch. See instructions.
  2. Messages are no longer accessible from Meridian Mail, our old voice system.
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