EELE 101 - Introduction to Electrical Fundamentals Lab

This course introduces students to Electrical and Computer Engineering Discipline. 

EELE 201 - Circuits I

This course introduces students to analyzing first order electrical circuits including operational amplifier circuits. 

EELE 203 - Circuits II

This course picks up from Circuits I and covers second order circuits, frequency domain concepts, Laplace and Fourier techniques, filters and two-port network concepts. 

EELE 317 - Electronics

This course begins with a basic look a semiconductor physics and then studies the diode, the MOSFET and the BJT. The use of these devices in basic circuits such as rectifiers, limiters, amplifiers and switches is considered. 

EELE 411 - Advanced Analog Electronics

This course picks up from the department's required electronics course, EE 317. In EE 411, we briefly review the operation of the MOS transistor and then discuss the following topics: current mirrors, the differential pair, differential pair amplifiers, frequency response of transistor amplifiers, feedback and active filter design.