There are many computer programs available that perform complex calculations on genetic data. However, finding a program to answer simple questions such as how many alleles are present at a locus or how much missing data there is a data set can be annoying. Many programs, of course, perform these tasks, but they are often bundled with functions that are not wanted or require learning how to use a complicated program. I have written the computer program Genotype Viewer to help with common tasks that frequently arise in a molecular ecology lab. Genotype Viewer opens GENEPOP files, so it should be easy to use.

Genotype Viewer opens GENEPOP files and displays the following:

  • The genotypes of each individual in the data file
  • The sample size for each population & locus
  • The number of missing genotypes for each population and locus
  • Allele counts for each population and locus
  • Allele frequencies for each population and locus
  • A list of all alleles present at each locus
  • The expected heterozygosity for each population and locus
  • Pairwise and global Fst (Weir & Cockerham 1984)


All the output is <tab> delimited text so that it can be copied and pasted onto a spreadsheet.


Genotype Viewer runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system that has the .NET platform installed. See my Software page for instructions on how to install this on your computer (it probably is already there).

Click here to download a ZIP file containing Genotype Viewer and a library of functions (kalinowski_library.dll) that the program needs.

Installation / UnInstallation

To "install," place GenotypeViewer.exe and kalinowski_library.dll in the same folder. Click on GenotypeViewer.exe to run. Delete both files to "uninstall."