ONCOR is a computer program useful for genetic mixture analysis and assignment tests. These are genetic tests for identifying the origin of individuals sampled in a mixture of individuals from genetically distinct populations.


ONCOR performs the following types of analysis:

  • Estimation of mixture proportions (with confidence intervals)
  • 100% mixture simulations (using the new method of Anderson et al. (2007)
  • Realistic fishery simulations in which the user specifies the composition of the mixture
  • Assignment tests
  • Leave one out test of the accuracy of assignment tests
  • Simulations to assess how accurate assignment tests are likely to be

Input files

ONCOR reads five types of input files, including baseline and mixture files in GENEPOP format. In addition to these data files, ONCOR allows the user to define reporting groups. During simulations, the user may want to specify the composition of a fishery, the sample sizes of simulated baselines. This can be done with FISHERY or SAMPLE SIZE files. Examples of all the files are available below.

See the user's manual for a detailed description of the input files used for simulations.

System Requirements

ONCOR runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system that has the .NET platform installed (version 2.0). See my Software page for instructions on how to install this on your computer (it may already be there).


Click here to download a ZIP file containing ONCOR, a library of functions that the program needs (kalinowski_library.dll), and sample data files.

User's Manual

A user's manual is available in pdf format here.

Installation / UnInstallation

To "install," place ONCOR.exe and kalinowski_library.dll in the same folder. Click on ONCOR.exe to run. Delete both files to "uninstall."