Ed Schmidt



Office: 314-A Cooley
Phone: (406)994-6375


Biographical Sketch: pdf

Research Interests

My primary research interests are to understand the intricate gene regulatory mechanisms that function in
development and maintenance of complex organisms. Our work involves analyses of mouse lines we
produce bearing targeted mutations. Our approaches to studying these models include genetics,
biochemistry, molecular biology, histology, genomics, and others. The biological processes we are studying
include liver physiology and regeneration, aging, redox biology, and cancer.
We have expertise in developing sophisticated mouse models of redox biology. These include
novel genetically modified mice, such as conditional-null alleles we have made in the gene encoding TrxR1;
development of the TR/GR-null mouse liver model, establishment of novel marker alleles, and development
of advanced marked-mosaic systems for time-stamping and lineage-tracing studies in liver. These models
have helped support critical advances in our understanding of cellular redox homeostasis, intermediary
We also use a variety of surgical procedures, including hepatic ischemia/reperfusion stress models and
partial hepatectomy models, toxicological challenge systems and hydrodynamic transfection in mice.