• Claudio, David, Associate Professor 
    Operations management, service systems, healthcare engineering, and decision making.
  • Marchak, Frank, Associate Professor 
    Human factors and ergonomics.
  • Mooney, Edward L., Associate Professor Emeritus
    Discrete optimization, scheduling, systems modeling, and operations research.
  • Schell, William J., Assistant Professor
    Engineering management, applied statistics, project management, strategy and leadership development.
  • Sobek, Durward, Professor, Industrial & Management Systems Program Coordinator
    Management engineering, computer integrated manufacturing, and product development systems
  • Ward, Nicholas, Professor
    Human factors, cognitive ergonomics, system interface and product design, usability analysis, traffic safety, intelligent transportation systems, and driving simulators.
  • Velazquez, Maria, Assistant Teaching Professor
    Human Factors, work design, and operations research. 
  • Bruce Zignego, Instructor
    Engineering economics, entrepreneurship, and technical Management