• Amin, Ruhul M., Professor, Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator
    Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Systems
  • Cairns, Douglas,, Professor
    Materials, Composites, Modeling, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
  • Codd, Sarah, L., Professor
    Magnetic Resonance Microscopy studies of ceramics, and fluid dynamics in hydrogels, biofilms, and polymer electrolyte membranes
  • Conant, R. Jay, Professor Emeritus
    Solid Mechanics, Wave Propagation
  • Cundy, Vic A., Professor Emeritus
    Combustion, Heat Transfer, Incineration of Waste, Fluid Mechanics
  • Demetriades, Anthony, Professor Emeritus
    Fluid Mechanics, High-Speed Aerodynamics
  • Edens, Mike Associate Teaching Professor
    Materials, Modeling, Finite Element Methods
  • George, Alan H., Associate Professor
    Heat Transfer, Measurements and Instrumentation
  • Jenkins, Christopher H.M. , Professor Emeritus
    Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Analysis and Design of Compliant Structures, Continuum and Solid Mechanics, Theoretical and Experimental Structural Dynamics, Mechanical Design
  • June, Ron, Assistant Professor
    Mechanobiology, Mechanotransduction, Biomechanics, Arthritis, Biomaterials, Viscoelasticity, and Materials Science
  • Miller, David, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator
    Experimental Mechanics of Materials, Structure/Property Relationships to Strength and Damage, Shape Memory Alloys, Dynamic Testing and Properties of Materials, Mechanical System and Machine Design
  • Owkes, Mark, Assistant Professor
    Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Energy Systems, Multiphase (gas-liquid) Flows, Electrohydrodynamics     
  • Ryan, Cecily, Assistant Professor
    Biodegradable Polymer Composites, Sustainable Materials, Environment-Material Interaction, Multi-Functional Materials, Nanocomposites, Interfacial Compatibilization
  • Sofie, Stephen, Associate Professor
    Innovative Ceramic Processing, Microstructure/Nano Structure Engineering, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, High Temp. Piezoelectrics, High Temp. Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, and Photoluminescent Ceramics
  • Wells, Michael K., Professor Emeritus
    Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Biomechanics