Human Factors & Ergonomics Equipment

  • Monark Cycle ergometer 818E
  • Research treadmill 16-50
  • SensorMedics VMaxST portable metabolic measurement system
  • LIDO WorkSet II Isokinetic dynamometer, with task simulation


Various ergonomics measurement systems:  anthropometic kit, hand grip dynamometers, vibrometer, pinch gage, stethoscope, heart rate monitors, EMG electrodes, light, sound, and temperature meters, vibration sensor, and weight scales.

(4) Networked Pentium 4 PCs

Software: JACK Ergonomics Analysis Software, 3DSSPP Biomechanics Software

Work Design Equipment

ergo lab

Various work measurement equipment, including: digital stopwatches, clipboards, practice devices and videos, hardware for simulated assembly tasks

  • (3) 48” adjustable height industrial workstations
  • (1) 48” Keneco mobile flow rack
  • (3) gravity roller conveyors, linear, on casters
  • (2) gravity roller conveyors, 90° curved, on casters
  • (4) Networked Pentium 4 PCs


The lab is supervised by EFIN and IMSE Faculty.