Bogert Jack Comic Art

Changing tires on HMWVVs, especially those that are up-armored, presents a unique challenge for troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  When using the existing jack to lift a HMWVV to change a tire or work on the undercarriage, the vehicle often slides sideways, tilting the jack and causing serious instability.  The situation is very unsafe on any sandy surface or slope.

Deployed troops now have access to a more stable, safe vehicle jack for HMWVVs, rapidly developed by a small, innovative company and quickly brought to TACOM with MilTech’s assistance.

Bogert Comic art MilTech worked with Bogert Aviation and the Washington NIST MEP center to assist with a significant increase in demand for the jack by TACOM. MilTech and the MEP team helped Bogert implement quality systems, identify and qualify supply chain partners and understand costs. Bogert met demand and the jack may be included in the new JLTV under development.