Office: Gaines 117A
Phone: 994-6448


Fall 2018 Classes:

SPNS 305  Spanish Phonetics, TR 9:25-10:40 a.m.

ML 396  Service/Experiential Learning, T 3:10-5:40 p.m.


Spring 2019 Classes:

SPNS 496 Service/Experiential Learning, TBA



Ph.D. Indiana University, 1999
Hispanic Studies with a Minor in Latin American History


Research Interests:

Colonial Latin America and Early Modern Spain, New World historiography, Indigenous Latin American cultures, the Andean quipu, Mesoamerican iconography, indigenismo, critical theory, translation


Recent Publications / Talks:

Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl and His Legacy. Co-edited volume with Jongsoo Lee. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2016.

Texcoco: Prehispanic and Colonial Perspectives. Co-edited volume with Jongsoo Lee. Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2014.

A History of the Khipu. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

“Semiotics, Aesthetics, and the Quechua concept of Quilca.” In Colonial Mediascapes: Sensory Worlds in the Early Americas, edited by Matt Cohen and Jeffrey Glover, pp. 166-202. University of Nebraska Press, 2014.

“La recepción del khipu en el siglo dieciséis.” El quipu colonial, edited by Marco Curátola and José Carlos de la Puente, pp. 119-144. Lima: PUCP [Press of the Catholic University of Peru], 2013.