Arabic faculty

Anas Alsayed Suliman:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11-11:50 am


Chinese faculty

Hua Li:  Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-1:30 pm

Phil Williams:  Tuesday 2:00-2:50 pm


French faculty

Ada Giusti:  none, on sabbatical during Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

Pascale Hickman:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:20-8:50am and 2:10-2:30pm

Brigitte Morris:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday TBA

Evelyn Paz:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 1-2pm


German faculty

Lukas Graf:  none this semester

Kate Kithil:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 1-2pm

Liana McKelvy:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11am - 12 noon

Peter Schweppe:  Monday 3-4pm & Tuesday 1-2pm


Japanese faculty

Yuka Hara:  Monday & Wednesday 12-1pm

Peter Tillack:  Monday & Wednesday 2-3pm


Spanish faculty

Galen Brokaw:  Tuesday & Thursday 10:40am-12pm, & by appointment

Patricia Catoira:  Monday & Wednesday 1-2pm

Gillian Cleary:  Monday & Wednesday 1-2pm

Veronica Garcia Moreno:  online, by appointment

Lauren Gette-King:  Monday & Wednesday 1-2pm

Bridget Kevane:  by appointment

James Martin:  Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-2:30 pm

Evelyn Paz:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 1-2pm

Sally Sanchez:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12-1pm

LaTrelle Scherffius:  Monday & Thursday 3-4pm

John Thompson:  Wednesday & Friday 12:10-2pm

Thomas Walsh:  Monday & Wednesday 12:30-2pm
                               (all in Alumni Room in the SUB)