Modern Languages & Literatures Tutors and Translators

Gaines Hall


The department only lists tutors and translators as a service. There is no "going rate" for these services. Please contact individuals for more information and to see what their rates are.

Note: Phone numbers are area code 406 (Montana) unless otherwise listed.



Sara Al-Safi, native speaker from Saudi Arabia, 539-3954 or
Hadi Algahtani, native speaker from Saudi Arabia, 589-6018 or
Anouar Louziri: 539-8352 or
Wesam O. ElSahly:  from Egypt, 586-0362,
Molly Bruggeman:  minor in Middle East Languages,, 600-9935


Shihua Chen:  Mandarin & Cantonese, plus other dialects such as Teochew & Hakka, 548-7481 or
Stephan Ginther:  701-580-7401 or
Xiyue Fu Kottas:  586-3153 or


Marie-Thérèse Ben-Youssef: native French speaker and French teacher, 480-0163 or
Mary Louise Cates: advanced French student at MSU, 396-1475
Anouar Louziri: 539-8352 or
Geraldine Govaerts: native speaker, or 994-7418
Marie Bathelot: native speaker,
Pascale Hickman: Ph.D. in French Literature, or 303-907-3477
Margerie Durban: native speaker, or 548-4174
Dominique Etienne: native speaker, 209-2802 or
Kate Lawless:  995-3136 (MA in French)
Brigitte Morris:  Instructor at MSU, native speaker, 586-1728
Oliver:  994-3156 (ASMSU)
Ciprian:  994-4516,


Hans Glasmann:  native speaker, 435-619-4636 or
Britta Hanks:  native speaker, former MSU instructor, 587-3409
Katharina Frank Bernstein (translation only):  native speaker, graduate of MSU,
Adam Woods: 617-543-5157 or
Katharina Freche:  native German linguist, 285-3521,
Olivia Rottmann: native German speaker,
Hans Hurt:  graduate of MSU,
Karen Foust:   585-8204,
Michaela Papke:  388-2161, (translation)
Kenny Fawcett:  548-7710,


Stephan Ginther:  701-580-07401 or
Tomo Ogata-Schure:  581-3631 or
Luke Morehouse:  599-6968 or


Steven Schwab: previous high school Spanish teacher, or 388-4826
Giovanna Bertello Franco: native speaker from Mexico, 599-2504 or
Kim Roush: lived in Mexico,
Gloria Quam: native speaker from Columbia, or 285-3572
Alaina Garcia Scott: Spanish graduate from MSU, or 599-5026
Michael Quinto: native speaker from Spain, or 224-3991
Mary Louise Cates: advanced Spanish student at MSU, 396-1475
Katharina Frank Bernstein (translation only):  Spanish graduate of MSU,
Bear McKinney: free pronunciation help only:raised near Mexico, 360-1297
Wendy Rivero: native speaker from Venezuela, or 539-3186
Jennifer Bain: lived abroad in Argentina & Spain, or 917-748-6311
Jeshua White: lived abroad in Ecuador & Mexico, or 661-706-4612
Juan Martos Díaz: native speaker from Spain, or 539-3128
Violeta Nitzinger: bi-lingual speaker, or 224-8315
Leyre Bascual: native speaker from Spain,
Stephanie: native speaker from Argentina,
Amanda Stewart: Spanish graduate from MSU, 261-8617 or
Julia Fong: native speaker from Panama,
Elisa Muñoz: native speaker from Ecuador,
Carl Schwarting:
Leah Robinson: Spanish graduate from MSU, 600-7459,
Page Grogan:  Spanish graduate of MSU, or 581-0428
Jess Fessler: upper-level Spanish student, or 439-4378
Alexandra Gonzales: native speaker from Mexico,
Sarah Smith: MSU Spanish student, 925-2159,
Anuar Morales Rodriguez: native speaker from Columbia,
Evangelina Riveros-Davenport: native speaker from Argentina, 600-5224 (after 4:30 pm)
Sonia Chávez: Spanish graduate from MSU, 570-2677
Gabriela de Tusell:  native speaker,
Jaime Jelenchick:  native speaker, 599-3642,
Carol Morgan:  Spanish graduate from MSU, 570-2848,
Elena West:  lived in Spain, 586-8821
Nelfy L. Wagner:  high school teacher, native speaker from Bolivia, 388-4210
Amanda Hull:  native speaker from Columbia, teaches at the Montessori School in Emigrant, in
     Bozeman about 3 times a week, 333-4232,
Tyler Kruzich:  Spanish graduate from MSU,
Martha Chaverraz:  994-1988



Bryce Carpenter:  994-5655 or

Lara Vaienti:,
Olivia Rottmann: Native Italian speaker,

Bryce Carpenter:  994-5655 or

Barbara do Amaral, from Portugal:  579-1776
Josie Tidwell, teacher from Brazil: 333-4143 or

Natalia Waldman: originally from Russia, or 579-8692
Nataliya Sargis:  222-4702
Abagail Breuer:  581-1307 or
Alena Golyagina:

Recep Avci (and wife Lois):  994-6164

Linda Zupan:  578-2329 or