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Spring 2016

Mountains and Minds

Moving day

Moving dayThe annual rite of passage at the historic Northern Agricultural Research Center near Havre results in better beef.

One medicine

One medicine
MSU scientists lead efforts to study diseases that cross from animals to humans.

The found city of Oplontis

The found city of Oplontis
Regina Gee and a priceless exhibit coming to MSU provides a rare glimpse into the lives of ancient Romes' "1 percenters."

Making it his missionAndrew Raduly

Why he came WestRick Bass

Wired for musicEvin and Beth Groves

EvolvingJack Horner

Family valuesWalter Fleming

Engineering a perfect fitAbigail Richards

A building that will tear down wallsNorm Asbjornson Hall

Intention + gift = changeAn equation for change

The power of planningMarsha Goetting