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The Hilleman Vaccine Legacy October 4, 2012 Illustration by Bridget Ashcraft • Published 10/4/12

Common vaccines developed by MSU graduate Maurcie Hileman are shown in color. Other vaccines commonly recommended and their developers are below.
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Hilleman vaccine illustration by Bridget Ashcraft; Vaccines include: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles, Haemophobhilus Influenza B, Meningitis, Mumps, Pneumonia, and Rubella** Hilleman’s observations on influenza’s ability to change over time led to the practice of developing an annual flu vaccine. He helped produce a U.S. vaccine for the 1957 Asian flu pandemic, likely saving millions of lives.

**Hilleman developed the U.S. chickenpox (varicella) vaccine based on the work of Japanese vaccinologist Michiaki Takahashi.