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Spring 2013

Mountains and Minds

Einstein matters

Einstein matters MSU community theorizes about the wide-ranging contributions of the physics genius

Char wars

Char wars
MSU scientists wade into fight against invasive lake trout in Montana's national parks

Science olympiad

Science olympiad
More than 1,300 Montana students joust in annual Science Olympiad

She jumps Lynsey Dyer takes the line for females in sport

E.O. Wilson* Biologist who began his work studying ants now has enormous stature among scientific thinkers

We've come a long way, baby MSU coaches and players led in bringing equality to collegiate sports

Clarence Mjork The 1933 Montana State yearbook prank is a campus legend

Jan Zauha* Ask her anything

Joel Jahnke Because of him, the play is the thing in Montana

A legacy that will endure Chuck and Penny Jarecki take a long-range view on students and range management

Tara Donohoe* Pep talk

Explain it to me* Ryan Matzinger on jazz

*Includes exclusive Web extras