Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at Montana State University is designed to enable students to have a concentration in music within the context of a broader education. The degree program enables the student the flexibility to pursue music studies while also studying a broad range of subjects outside of music. The School of Music encourages students, in conjunction with their academic advisor, to develop a plan of study that includes music and an additional area(s) of focus. The plan of study can be developed individually, or a student may select one of the Directed Tracks within the B.A. in Music.

What makes the B.A. in Music at Montana State University unique is the opportunity available for students to study a wide array of areas in addition to music, at a comprehensive, Tier 1 Carnegie Research Institution. The Bachelor of Arts in Music allows students the flexibility to follow career paths and further studies both in and outside of music.

Students are encouraged to review the following Directed Tracks within the B.A. in Music for possible career paths after graduation and also explore the wide range of minors available at MSU. Students have a total of 40 elective credits within the B.A. in Music degree program to take courses in the humanities & sciences.

Directed Tracks


Jon, Harney

Jon Harney

Vocal Studio
University Chorus
Opera Workshop
Advisor: B.A. in Music

175 Howard Hall

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Stephen, Versaevel

Stephen Versaevel

Asst. Director, Spirit of the West Marching Band
Advisor: B.A. in Music

133 Howard Hall

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