Music Technology

Ben Raph and Zach McKinley
Bass with Microphones
Jori Apeldale
X32 Mixer

I don't know of any other program like it in the country. . . . right on target as to what will be required of composers and other music/visual creative artists as they enter today's digital world workplace.

Guest Composer George S. Clinton, film composer and winner of the BMI Richard Kirk Award for Outstanding Career Achievement

The students use some of the best computer music programs and use them in sophisticated ways to make the beautiful and interesting pieces which I enjoyed hearing. Learning to use these programs is not easy. [The] students are very talented. They also must have excellent courses. I was even more impressed by their music when I learned that electronic music at the University is less than five years old. The University has achieved a first class electronic music group in a very short time.

Max V Mathews (1926 - 2011), Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, recipient of the 2010 Stibitz Award for pioneering computer generated music and seminal contributions to digital music technologies & software