Thank you for your interest in a School of Music scholarship. We award scholarships for outstanding performance to majors, minors, and non-music majors. The audition requirements are listed below. We encourage prospective students to attend our scholarship audition day on Saturday, February 24th. To reserve a time for this day please follow the link below. If auditioning on this date is not possible please email to set up an alternative on-campus audition time. If traveling to campus is not an option we will accept the video auditions via a Youtube link. If applying with this way include the link on your scholarship application. The scholarship application needs to be filled out by every student auditioning, but if you are attending in person no video link is needed.  Every scholarship application and audition will need to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a music professional you have worked with.  Letters of recommendation can be sent to  The new student scholarship deadline for the 18-19 academic year is March 16th, 2018.

Scholarship Application

February 24th Audition day signup 

Audition Requirements

Woodwinds and Brass

  • Two-octave major scales in concert keys of E & A flat in 8th notes at 120 bpm. (oboe only one octave of A flat required)
  • Full range chromatic scale in quarter notes at 144 bpm
  • Two solos or etudes in contrasting styles of length 2-4 minutes each


Must perform on at least 2 of the following

  • Snares: published solo (rudimental or orchestral)
  • Keyboard: 2 or 4 mallet published solo
  • Timpani: published solo that best demonstrates your ability on technique and tuning
  • Drumset: demonstrate various styles, as well as chart reading and soloing

Piano and Guitar

  • Two solos in contrasting styles
  • Piano: D major & d harmonic minor - minimum 2 octaves, hands together ascending and descending
  • Sight reading excerpt


  • Two memorized art songs in contrasting styles; preferably one in Italian or another foreign language


  • Two 3-octave scales; one major, one minor
  • One movement of an unaccompanied solo or etude
  • One movement from the standard concerto or sonata repertoire


  • All applicants are expected to prepare as listed above.
  • Professional attire is expected for all auditions.
  • Piano accompaniment will be provided for vocalists only.
  • Instrumental auditions do not require an accompanist.
  • All students may be asked to sight read, clap simple rhythmic patterns, and sing a short melody.