School of Music Scholarships

Audition Dates

The School of Music offers scholarship opportunities to all MSU students, both music majors and non-majors. Music major applications will have preference over non-major applications, however, the School of Music Scholarship Committee does make several awards to non-majors each year. Auditions for scholarship consideration are required of all applicants.

School of Music Scholarships are based upon merit; performance as well as scholastic record. If your need for support is financially based, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

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Audition Requirements

Woodwinds and Brass

  • Memorized major scales up to 4 flats & 4 sharps
  • Two solos in contrasting styles


Must perform on snare, mallets, timpani

  • Snares and Mallets: Know & play 26 standard rudiments.  1 Etude - Rudimental or Orchestral, either 2 or 4 mallets
  • Timpani: Demonstrate proper tuning & technique.  1 or 2 Etudes - use all 4 drums, use rolls


  • Two solos in contrasting styles
  • Sight reading excerpt


  • Two memorized art songs in contrasting styles; preferably one in Italian or another foreign language


  • Two 3-octave scales; one major, one minor
  • Two solos or etudes in contrasting styles


  • All applicants are expected to prepare as listed above.
  • Professional attire is expected for all auditions.
  • Piano accompaniment will be provided for vocalists only.
  • Instrumental auditions do not require an accompanist.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

$1000 Tuition Waiver for incoming Marching Band members!!
Please see the Spirit of the West FAQ, or email for more details.

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