Current Online Graduate Certificate Program Students


Montana State University's online graduate certificate in Native American Studies is the only program of its type in the world.

Courses cover current and historical aspects of Native American art, law, culture and contemporary issues, and students will gain a deeper insight into the American Indians of Montana, the region and the nation.

Students currently in the program are:

Arbogast, Leslie

Barnes, Constance

Cooper, Susan

Cummins, Jason

Derksen, Kim


Flaherty, Carol

Gordon, Darren

Holmstrom, Greta

Jefferson, Anna

Klein, Sharon

Lysakowski, Matthew

Maize, Katherine

Miller, Jeffery

Pipitone-Herron, Christine

Rego, Misty

Robinson, Tonya

Secilia, Michael

Tanner, Rebekah

West, Leslie

Wright, Mandy





Updated: 11/14/2014