Name Position Represents Term Election/Appt Process
Fastnow, Chris Chair Director of Planning & Analysis --- ----
Mokwa, Bob Member Academic Affairs ex-officio by position
Leist, Terry Member Budget Council, Chair ex-officio by position
Sheehan, Jerry Member CIO ex-officio by position
Adams, Dean Member College of Arts & Architecture 2019 Elected
Banziger, Walt Member Professional Council 2019 Appointed by Professional Council
Gray, Stephanie Member Gallatin College 2018 Elected
Hill, Wade Member College of Nursing 2019 Elected
Holmes, Keely Member Staff Senate 2018 Appointed by Staff Senate
Kevane, Bridget Member College of Letters & Science 2018 Elected
Leary, Myleen Member Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship 2018 Elected
Lee, Ilse-Mari Member Deans' Council 2018 Appointed by Provost
Mannheimer, Sara Member Library 2019 Elected
Mumey, Brendan Member College of Engineering 2018 Elected
Richards, Abigail Member Faculty Senate 2019 Appointed by Faculty Senate
Stanton, Christine Member College of Education, Health & Human Development 2019 Elected
Wheeler, Natalee Member ASMSU 2018 Appointed by ASMSU
TBD Member College of Agriculture 2017 Elected
vacant Member Research Council Liaison ---- Appointed by Research Council