Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report


Montana State University (MSU or University) encourages all members (students, employees and visitors) of our campus community to be fully aware of information related to campus security and personal safety and to take action to prevent and report illegal and other unsafe activities should they occur. Personal awareness, practicing personal safety, and reporting incidents of concern are the foundation of a safe community.

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Public Safety Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act) of 1998 and the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 and 2008, this report collects MSU's policies and procedures concerning: crime and campus security; emergency procedures and timely warnings; possession, use and sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, including the university's commitment to enforcement of state and federal laws on campus; sexual assault; missing students; and fire safety.

Campus Security and Crime

  • 100.00 University Police Officers’ Authority and Jurisdiction
  • 200.00 Crime Reporting Procedures
  • 300.00 Response to Reported Crimes
  • 400.00 Campus Facility Security
  • 500.00 Campus Security Information and Education
  • 600.00 Crime Prevention Programs
  • 700.00 Crime Statistics Collection
  • 800.00 Crime Statistics Report

Timely Warnings and Emergency Notification

Campus Alcohol and Drug Policy

Sexual Assault Policy

  • 100.00 Reporting Sexual Assaults
  • 200.00 University Response to Sexual Assault
  • 300.00 Educational Programs
  • 400.00 Sexual Assault Support Programs and Services - On Campus
  • 500.00 Sexual Assault Support Programs and Services - Off Campus

Missing Student Policy

Annual Campus Fire Safety Report