Jerry Johnson
D.A., Idaho State University, 1985

Curriculum: Administrative law, public lands and natural resource


PSCI 200 - Intro to Conducting Political Inquiry
PSCI 214IS - Principles of Political Science
PSCI 362 - Natural Resource Policy

Research Agenda: The changing political economy of the West

Phone: 406-994-5164


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Franke Wilmer
Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1990

Current Courses

PSCI 230D - Introduction to International Relations
PSCI 439 - International Human Rights
PSCI 434 - International Law
PSCI 418 - The Politics of War and Peace

Phone: (406) 994-5246
Fax: (406) 994-6692

Research Agenda

Political violence; regulating the international use of force;, psychology of identity and conflict; indigenous politics and activism; post-conflict reconciliation; feminist theory; patriarchy, gender, and peacebuilding.

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Associate Professors

Linda Young
Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 2002

Curriculum: Public administration, organization theory, administrative theory, administrative ethics, public policy 


PSCI 240 - Intro to Public Administration 
PSCI 454 - Cinema & Political Theory 
PSCI 465 - Public Administration & Policy 
PSCI 520 - Management & Leadership in Administration 
PSCI 552 - Public Administration & Policy 
PSCI 555 - Human Resources
PSCI 558 - Organization Dynamics 
PSCI 559 - Program Evaluation & Policy Analysis 
PSCI 560 - Public Sector Ethics

Research agenda: The role of public organizations in supporting democratic processes, collaborative processes of organizational and policy decision-making, theories of technology and digital governance, psychoanalytic theory and phenomenology in public administration

Phone: 406-994-5168 

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Paul Lachapelle
Ph.D., University of Montana, 2006

Paul Lachapelle is the Montana State University Extension Community Development Specialist. His responsibilities involve providing research, technical assistance and training on various community development topics to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities across the state.

Phone: 406-994-3620

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David Parker
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2004

Curriculum: American politics, institutions, campaigns and elections, and political parties


PSCI 210IS - Intro to American Government
PSCI 306 - Legislative Process
PSCI 341 - Political Parties & Elections
PSCI 346 - American Presidency
PSCI 353 - British Politics
PSCI 444 - Congressional Campaigns

Research agenda: Congressional campaigns, congressional procedures, incumbency, representation, consequences of divided government, congressional communications, presidential success, and American political development

Blog: Montana Politics
Phone: 406-994-4141 

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Sara Rushing
Ph.D., University of California - Berkeley, 2006

PSCI 356 - Classical Political Thought
PSCI 323 - Modern Political Thought
PSCI 354 - Contemporary Political Thought
PSCI 455 - Politics & Virtue
PSCI 302 - Media & Politics
PSCI 471 - Constitutional Law

Research Agenda: Contemporary political theory, comparative political theory, feminist theory, virtue ethics, humility.

Phone: 406-994-5165

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Liz Shanahan
D.A., Idaho State University, 2005

Curriculum: Public policy processes and analysis, research methods and applied statistics, foundations of public administration


PSCI 210 - Introduction to American Government (online)
PSCI 310 - Applied Political Analysis
PSCI 551 - Research Methods for Public Administrators
PSCI 552 - Public Policy Processes
PSCI 554 - Foundations of Public Administration

Research agenda: Public policy decision making,
environmental politics of the Greater Yellowstone Area

Phone: 406-994-5167

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Linda Young

Ph.D., University of California - Davis, 1987

Curriculum: International political economy, globalization and politics, the politics of food and hunger, research methods.

PSCI 436 - Politics of Food & Hunger
PSCI 437 - International Political Economy

Research Agenda: Agricultural trade and development, international trade, agricultural supply chains, Montana oil and gas fiscal policy.

Phone: 406-994-5604 

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Assistant Professor

Eric Raile
Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2008

Curriculum: Public policy and administration, research methods, comparative politics and development, international organizations

Current Courses:
PSCI 220 - Intro to Comparative Politics
PSCI 337 - Model United Nations
PSCI 407 - Public Policy Analysis
PSCI 423 - Politics of Development
PSCI 551 - Research Methods for Public Administrators

Research Agenda: Political will and public will; environmental perceptions, policies, and politics; public ethics and corruption; security perceptions and human security; coalition politics and accountability

Phone: (406) 994-5239

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Professor Emeritus

Jerry Calvert

Jerry W. Calvert

Ph.D., Washington State University, 1972

Curriculum: American government, legislative process,
judicial process, parties and electoral processes

Research agenda: Political behavior and electoral laws, third party movements, initiative and referendum issues


Raymond B. Pratt

Raymond B. Pratt

Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1968

Curriculum: Political theory, comparative politics, political culture, government ethics.



Kelsey Martin

Kelsey Martin

Business Operations Manager

Kelsey is a Montana native, born and raised in the Gallatin Valley, she graduated from Belgrade High School and attended the University of Montana. Kelsey’s career at Montana State University began in 2013 with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry where she was an Accounting Associate. Kelsey is the Business Operations Manager for the Department of Political Science and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.  She is a valuable asset to the department bringing organization and experience. In her free time Kelsey enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being outdoors, volunteering and cheering on the Patriots.

Phone: (406) 994-4234



Dan DeFilippo

 Academic Services Coordinator

 Dan was born in the Chicago North side neighborhood of South Edgebrook but quickly moved to the Northwest subarbs. Dan graduated from the University of Iowa with a BS degree in Sociology and minors in Mathematics and Spanish. He quickly moved to Montana and has been at MSU since 2016. Dan began his career at Montana State University as the Maintenance Coordinator for Family and Graduate Housing and has since moved departments to become the current Academic Services Coordinator for Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science. In his free time, Dan loves to explore the outdoors, travel overseas and in the states, watch the Cubbies throw up W's, and snowboard the Gallatin mountain range all winter long. 

Phone: (406) 994-4141