D.A., Idaho State University, 1985

  • American Government
  • Natural Resource Policy

Research Agenda: Decision Making and Risk. Political Economy of Public Lands, National Park Management, Tourism on Tibetan Plateau, China

Phone: 406-994-5164
E-mail: jdj@montana.edu





Educational Background

D.A./M.P.A., Idaho State University, 1985

Major Areas: American Government, Economics
Minor Areas: Public Administration, Sociology

BA Political Science, Idaho State University, 1979

Academic Positions

2005 – Current Professor, Department of Political Science, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

Research Affiliate, Snow And Avalanche Lab, Department Of Earth Sciences, MSU:http://www.montana.edu/snowscience/index.html

1989 – 2005 Associate Professor (granted with tenure 1995), Department of Political Science, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

1986 – 1989 Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Troy State University – Europe, Wiesbaden, Germany

1982 – 1986 Political Science, Northwest Community College, Powell, Wyoming

Selected Research & Publications



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Selected Book Chapters


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Selected Journal Articles


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