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Org Code Fiscal Manager Organization Title
411009 Tracy Gatlin Montana AHEC/Rural Health
411600 Tracy Gatlin College of Nursing
412001 Tracy Gatlin Dean of Agriculture 
412050 Sandra Sward Veterinary Medicine WIMU
412100 Lois Evans Agricultural Economics& Economics 
412200 Sandra Sward Microbiology & Immunology
412300 Traci Miyakawa Plant Sciences
412400 Tracy Gatlin Animal & Range Sciences 
412600 Lois Evans Agricultural Education 
412700 Lois Evans Land Resources & Environ Sci
412703 Jennifer Nesbitt Western SARE 
412901 Lois Evans AES CARC 
412902 Lois Evans AES EARC 
412903 Lois Evans AES SARC 
412904 Lois Evans AES NARC 
412905 Lois Evans AES NWARC 
412906 Lois Evans AES WARC 
412907 Lois Evans AES WTARC 
412908 Lois Evans AES LARRS 
412910 Lois Evans AES Research Center Administration 
413001 Shana Wold Dean Educ/HHD 
413006 Naomi Stewart Sci Math Resource Center
413100 Shana Wold Health & Human Development
413200 Shana Wold Education 
414001 Dale Huls Eng Dean’s Support 
414030 Peggy Kastella Western Transportation Institute
414040 Peggy Kastella MT Mfg Extension Ctr MMEC
414050 Dale Huls NACOE EMPower
414100 Dale Huls Chemical &Biological Engineering 
414200 Dale Huls Civil Engineering 
414300 Dale Huls Electrical & Computer Engineering 
414500 Peggy Kastella Mechanical & Industrial Eng
414604 Dale Huls Gianforte School of Computing 
415001 Tracy Gatlin Dean of Letters & Science 
415190 Peggy Kastella Western Lands & People Center
415200 Traci Miyakawa Chemistry 
415300 Tracy Gatlin Ecology 
415350 Traci Gatlin Cell Biology & Neuroscience 
415375 Tracy Gatlin MT Coop Fisheries
415400 Naomi Stewart Physics
415500 Naomi Stewart Earth Sciences 
415600 Traci Miyakawa History and Philosophy 
415700 Tracy Gatlin Mathematical Sciences
415810 Naomi Stewart Psychology
415820 Traci Miyakawa Modern Languages & Literature 
415830 Naomi Stewart Political Science
415840 Peggy Kastella English 
415850 Shana Wold Native American Studies
415900 Traci Miyakawa Sociology & Anthropology 
416001 Shana Wold Dean of Arts & Architecture 
416050 Shana Wold Shakespeare in the Parks
416100 Shana Wold Architecture 
416200 Shana Wold Art 
416400 Shana Wold School of Film & Photography
416500 Shana Wold Music
417001 Tracy Gatlin College of Business 
418001 Tracy Gatlin Library
419001 Lois Evans Provost (Academic Affairs)
419120 Tracy Gatlin WWAMI Medical Educ Program
419340 Peggy Kastella Public Service Museum
419404 Lois Evans Faculty Development 
419420 Tracy Gatlin Graduate School 
419430 Sandra Sward Undergraduate Scholars Program
419620 Leslie Schmidt Honors College
419630 Tracy Gatlin Office of International Programs
41EU00 Sandra Sward Academic Technology & Outreach 
41KUSM Peggy Kastella KUSM State Base Fund
41MOR Peggy Kastella Museum of the Rockies
421001 Traci Miyakawa Research 
421030 Tracy Gatlin MT Water Resource Center
421050 Naomi Stewart Optical Technology Ctr (OPTeC)
421070 Traci Miyakawa Energy Research Institute 
421090 Tracy Gatlin Center for Mental Health Research 
421210 Traci Miyakawa Techlink 
421225 Traci Miyakawa MilTech 
421250 Dale Huls Center for Biofilm Engineering 
421280 Tracy Gatlin Thermal Biology Institute
421290 Naomi Stewart Spectrum Lab
421320 Lois Evans Animal Resource Center 
421340 Naomi Stewart NSF EPSCoR
421360 Naomi Stewart NASA EPSCoR
421390 Traci Miyakawa INBRE 
421410 Tracy Gatlin Institute on Ecosystems
421420 Traci Miyakawa American Indian Rural Health Equity 
431001 Leslie Schmidt VP Administration
435013 Peggy Kastella UIT CIO Operations
437001 Sandra Sward Facility Services
437145 Sandra Sward Emergency Management 
441110 Shana Wold UHP Counseling & Psych Services
441120 Shana Wold Disability &Re-entry Services 
441123 Shana Wold Veterans Services
441125 Shana Wold TRiO/Student Support Services
441130 Shana Wold Career Services 
441142 Shana Wold Retention
441145 Shana Wold Financial Literacy 
441150 Shana Wold Office of Student Engagement
441500 Shana Wold Financial Aid Services 
443500 Shana Wold UHP Medical Services
443520 Shana Wold UHP Health Advancement
444001 Shana Wold ASMSU 
44KGLT Peggy Kastella KGLT Radio
471001 Shana Wold Extension Service Administration 
471002 Shana Wold ES Agents 
471003 Shana Wold ES 4-H 
471004 Shana Wold Extension Housing/Weatherization 
471005 Shana Wold ES Nutrition Education 
471006 Shana Wold ES Extension Forestry 
471007 Shana Wold ES Local Government Center 
481001 Shana Wold FSTS Administration 
491200 Shana Wold Gallatin College Academic Support 
last updated September 23, 2019

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