900.00 Intellectual Property, Research, and the Technology Transfer Office

910.00 Disclosure. Faculty members and other employees participating in research and creative activities are required by Board of Regent and MSU Policy to disclose to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) any patentable discoveries or copyrightable works for hire developed as an employee of Montana State University.  This disclosure allows the TTO to assist in protection and commercialization.

920.00 Patents. The TTO will assess patentability and commercial potential and initiate pursuit of patent or other legal protection when appropriate as provided in Board of Regents’ Policy and MSU Patent Policy.

930.00 Copyright and Trademark. The TTO will assess whether it is appropriate to protect creative works through copyright and names or logos through trademark.

940.00 Licensing. Intellectual property accepted by the TTO will be assigned by the inventor/creator to MSU.  The TTO, with the assistance of the inventor/creator, will identify potential licensees for intellectual property developed at the University.  This includes patented ideas, copyrighted works, and know-how or trade secrets.  TTO negotiates licensing agreements with potential licensees and is the office authorized to enter into agreements related to the use of intellectual property owned by the University.  License revenues for technologies developed at MSU are divided equally between inventors and MSU.

950.00 Inventor or Creator Participation in Commercializing Businesses. Montana law and Board of Regents Policy 407 require BOR approval for certain relationships between MSU inventors or creators and businesses in which MSU has certain interests.  Therefore, before an MSU employee may participate as an employee, officer, board member or owner in an entity which has (or wishes to have) rights to intellectual property which the employee helped to develop at MSU, the employee must report the proposed participation to TTO.  TTO will determine whether BOR approval is required, and if so, will make the application for approval.  [http://mus.edu/borpol/bor400/407.pdf].

960.00 Role of TTO in Sponsored Research and Development. The TTO works to develop associations with private industry and to facilitate private sponsors of research at MSU.  This provides industry the opportunity to participate in research without have to establish costly research and development programs while providing the University with current issues in industry and hands-on research opportunities for faculty and students.

970.00 Role of TTO in Industry Use of University Resources.If a business requests access to or use of University research facilities such as research equipment, research animals, diagnostic and chemical analysis laboratories, the Plant Growth Center, TTO is responsible for determining whether such use is appropriate and authorized under university policy and will enter into appropriate use agreement with the company. 

980.00 Policy on Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). The TTO is the office designated by Montana State University (“MSU”) to review all academic and commercial MTAs for incoming material.  The TTO is authorized to sign MTAs on behalf of MSU if they are acceptable under MSU’s policies and consistent with MSU’s academic mission. Click here for the full MTA policy.