Appendix A - INSTITUTIONAL USE OF Facilities & Administration (F&A) FUNDS

Investment of F&A Funds

Per the 1989 Montana legislative intent, the following applies to the MSU F&A policy:

“…grant [F&A’s] retained at the various units of the University System…must be expended for the enhancement of existing research programs, assistance to and encouragement of new research programs, and the general support of research.”

A.  Guiding Principles

1)    The intent of the Legislature as stated above.

2)    Return on investment will be the highest priority.

3)    Investments will be in the broad areas of research support, faculty startups, matching funds for grants and institutional commitments to programs.

B.  Eligibility Criteria to Receive F&A Funds

1)    Must be eligible to serve as PI or co-PI.

2)    Must be current MSU employee.

C.  Examples of Allowable Expenditures

1)    Service contracts, research equipment including computers, renovations, repairs, operations, graduate student stipends and fees, travel, speakers and support facilities.

D.  Change in PI or Scope of Project

1)    Changes in PI or scope of a project may result in renegotiation of match or institutional commitment from RED.

2)    When a PI leaves MSU the unexpended balance in F&A funds will be returned to RED.

E.  Review of F&A Investments

1)     RED commitments during each fiscal year will be shared with VP/Legal, Research Council and Deans’ Council.