What If I Don’t See Any Channels?

If you have connected your TV and scanned for channels, but aren't receiving cable channels, your TV may not be compatible with the digital signal Charter broadcasts.

In order to receive Charter’s signal, you must either have a TV with a built-in QAM tuner, or connect a digital converter box. To determine whether your TV is compatible and for information on where you can find a digital converter box, please visit our FAQ page.

Please note: there may be a simpler reason you’re not picking up channels. Students have found the following troubleshooting guide extremely helpful in resolving issues related to cable in the Residence Halls.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Make sure all wires and cables are connected. Check that your TV and digital converter are plugged in, and that all coaxial cables are plugged into their correct places.
  2. Try scanning for channels. Settings will vary by manufacturer. Again, search your TV’s make and model online for a user’s guide, which will explain how to scan for channels.
  3. Try a factory reset. The user’s guide should provide clear instructions on how to do this. Oftentimes, casually searching the menu will lead to the factory reset option.
  4. Verify that your TV is digital compatible. First, make sure your TV isn’t in our rogues gallery of incompatible TVs. Next, try searching your TV’s make and model online. Results often yield a user’s guide, which should explain whether your TV is digital-ready, settings to use, and so on.
  5. Lastly, if you’ve tried all of the above steps and you’re still not able to find cable channels, contact your RA and they will contact Charter.