May | 2015

The delegation that represented Montana State University attended NACURH 2015 at North Dakota State University. A full report will be provided in the fall at the first RHA Meeting or on this website later this summer.

Important Dates

Fall | 2015

The Freshmen Apartments' "Life of the Party" event will be held on November 7th from 9-11 pm (location TBD). Life of the Party is a great time for everyone, with mocktails, dancing, blackjack, poker, Texas Hold 'Em, and more.

Applications for the Vice President of Business and the NCC IT (in training) positions are due by November 5th. Applications should be turned into the North Hedges front desk.


Meeting Schedule
Fall | 2015

Interhall Legislative Session

Thursday, October 29, 2015 
Time & Location: 
7:15pm | Johnstone Academic Center