EE 261 - Introduction to Logic Circuits

An introductory course in the fundamental concepts of classical digital design. Course covers design and implementation of combinational logic circuits, synchronous sequential circuits and information storage circuits. Basic concepts of programmable logic devices and computer-aided design tools are presented. 

EE 262 - Logic Circuits Laboratory

Application of digital circuit theory and logic circuit design, utilizing both discrete and programmable logic. Design of IC timing circuits for digital clock applications. 

EE 465 - Real Time Microcontroller Applications

Lecture/laboratory exposure to micro controller hardware and software applications, serial and parallel I/O, timing, interrupts LCDs, keypads, A to D conversion, and a project realizing a real time control problem. 

EE 466 - Computer Architecture and System Organization

Design of computer system instruction sets, data path, storage, and memory systems. Cost and speed relations, tradeoffs between hardware and software architectures including CISCs and RISCs, multiprocessors, and distributed processors. Control and implementation tradeoffs. 

EE 467 - Advanced Embedded Sysytems Laboratory

Principles and applications of embedded systems using FPGAs. Students will implement micro controllers, soft processors, and custom logic in FPGAs. 

EE 475 - Hardware and Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

Topics in embedded system design, real-time operating systems, high level language programming of embedded systems, software and hardware tradeoffs, and laboratory experience with embedded systems.