Group photo with the rocket.

MOSES, Multi-Order Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph, is a solar mission that launched on a NASA rocket in 2006 to gather high-resolution images of a broad section of the sun. The optical instrumentation carried by the rocket was conceived, designed, and built at MSU by a number of students and faculty. Analysis of the data is ongoing and scientists hope MOSES will help reveal what's behind the sun's magnetic energy and solar flares that greatly affect satellites, cell phones, power grids and related technologies. The MOSES team is working towards a second launch of the telescope in 2012.

MSU Personnel Involved

Charles Kankelborg, Larry Springer, Lewis Fox (grad student), Thomas Rust (grad student), Hans Courrier (grad student), Jacob Plovanic (grad student), Shane Atwood (grad student), Patrick Lokken (grad student, EE), Cameron Chen, Jaron Hartman (undergrad), Pat O'Hara (undergrad)

MOSES Launch:

MSU News Service - MSU rocket roars into space above New Mexico desert

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