If you are planning a move and have not contacted SPM please fill out our Space Request/Notifications form.

This form is used to request new space or to update our records if you are transferring to a different office in your department's allocation. 

Once Space Management Committee has approved a request you can fill out a Campus Key Requisition Form to gain access to the space.

 Work Request form is used to inform Facilities of your move and coordinate movers to transfer belongings. Before filling out a Work Request, you MUST have an index number from your department to bill the work to.

TNSR Form is used to coordinate the transfer of a phone line to a new location, change phone services, and update MSU directory information.

Many transfers cause departments to clear out items including computers, printers, and other electronics (see full accepted list here). Please fill out an E-Scrap pick-up request form to have these items recycled.

There may be furniture left behind in your new location or furniture your department is hoping to discard following the move. A Surplus Property Asset Redistribution Request Form facilitates the removal of this furniture.

Office moves (especially large department moves) often incur an influx in paper/cardboard that needs to be recycled. The Office of Sustainability can help coordinate recycle bins in your area to reduce waste. Contact Logun Norris: 994-6871 with questions.