Use this form to request student employee mailboxes and departmental/generic mailboxes. Your request will be processed through the Help Desk ticketing system and will allow you to track its progress.

IMPORTANT: New employee mailboxes are now created automatically as soon as the employee's Active Directory account has been created.

Email Address Format
Employees -
Student Employees -  (no dot between first and last)

Mailbox Request Form

Before you begin please refer to the required info for the mailbox type you're requesting so that you will have the right information to complete this form.

Mailbox typeRequired infoWhy info is required
Individual -
student employee*
NetID The NetID is used to correctly identify the student. *Student employees will be provided an employee account to be used for work-related activities only.
Departmental - generic
Office 365 email address for mailbox owner & each user/delegate. Users of a departmental mailbox must have Office 365 email addresses in order to use it.
MSU - affiliate
e.g. OCHE, MSU Foundation, Military Science employees
MSU affiliated employees not in Banner should select this mailbox type.
Mailbox User Information

Departmental mailbox

Will this mailbox be used for:

  • Email Calendar/Room resource

Enter the Office 365 email address of the person who will be the primary owner of this mailbox. The primary owner is responsible for the use of the mailbox and is able to request delegate access for other users.

  • Does the owner need to have access to the mailbox?
  • YesNo

Delegate users

Enter the Office 365 address for each person who should have access to this mailbox and choose the type of access he/she should have (see gray box for access definitions).

Mailbox Access Types
  • Reviewer - read items
  • Author - read and create items
  • Editor - read, create, and modify items

Enter the contact information of the employee for whom this mailbox is being created.

Please enter the contact info for the student's supervisor.

  • Supervisor contact info

Check this box if the supervisor contact info is the same as requester.

Requester Contact Information

Enter your contact information (person making the request).

Enter additional instructions or comments below.