• Johnson, Erick <>
  • Lawrence, Martin <>
  • Wright, Michael <>
  • Jerry Sheehan, Pol Llovet, Aurelien Mazurie, Thomas Heetderks


  • Owkes, Mark <>
  • Poulter, Benjamin <>
  • Young, Mark <>
  • Dlakic, Mensur <>
  • Sheppard, John <>
  • Yunes, Nicolas <>
  • Rossmann, Doralyn <>

MINUTES: HPCAG Meeting #3 – (meeting presentation)

  1. Welcome & Introduction - Jerry
  2. Hyalite User Demographics - Pol
    • Total User Accounts: 88
    • Growth in users has been fairly study (except for a spike for a Mensur class)
  3. XDMoD (XSEDE Metrics on Demand) - Jerry & Pol
    • XDMoD has been installed on Hyalite (thanks to Sean Cleveland)
    • walk-thru of the graphs and information available (see here)
    • Some information not available because of configuration (like Group or Lab)
    • (discussion) Do we want this information openly available, or password protected?
    • ACTION: we will password protect it (eventually)
  4. RCi Staffing for Hyalite & Bridger - Jerry
    • All RCi team staff are unfunded
    • For various reasons, our ideal is a 50/50 split on position funding (State/Grant)
    • Hyalite was funded and installed without adequate support staffing
    • To support Hyalite & the new Bridger network –
      • Agreement with BIOS-IT for backup support
      • We have the opportunity to engage .2 FTE position for 6 months (Sean Cleveland)
      • UIT has collapsed two business office positions to create a new System Administrator that will be primarily dedicated to Hyalite, DTNs, and Bridger
  5. Procurement Updates - Jerry & Pol
    • 16 New Compute Nodes
      • Our 44 nodes plus 16 new nodes for 60 total
      • Standard Haswell nodes (32 cores, 64G ram)
      • Will increase Hyalite compute by 36%
      • ETA on installation is end of April
      • Installation in conjuction with Bridger network changes (private IP address reassignment, 4 days)
      • (discussion) wait for summer on this, or ASAP? (ACTION: will check with other members not present)
    • Backup Storage Appliance
      • UIT working with Procurement to determin quickest process
      • Will shoot for end of April to begin procurement
      • This is just for HOME backup, NOT Project Storage
    • Research/Project Storage Appliance
      • Requirement input from two faculty/staff Focus Group meetings next month
      • We will also use upcoming 2016 Data Census (next month) to determin requirements
      • We will discuss Project Storage requirements at our next meeting
    • Indiana University off-site backup update:
      • close to finalizing legal agreement to move forward on this
      • appreciate input from group members on usage criteria
  6. Queue Changes - Pol
    • The implemented BigJob queue requested once (7 day R job for Poulter Lab, seemed to work fine)
    • Default only nodes moved to front (from 36-44 to 03-11)
      • This makes more sense for queue use and future growth
      • suggested by Mark Owkes
    • Job stats for past month:
      • 29 active users
      • 4,476 jobs run
      • 2.13 hours average wait time
      • 10.36 hours average walltime per job
      • 439,459.4 core hourse used
  7. Miscellaneous: MATLAB licenses - Pol
    • we have received 10 additional licenses (including the Parallel Toolkit)
    • we are waiting on CFAC funding for a campus-wide unlimited site license


  • RCi will check with non-present members about timing on Node installation/IP reassignment
  • RCi will implements password protection on XDMoD access


  • Hyalite Communication & Publicity
  • Research/Project Storage requirements