What is Read&Write Gold?

Read & Write software logoRead&Write Gold (RWG) literacy support software provides accessibility and literacy assistance for anyone with learning difficulties, dyslexia, or whose first language isn't English.  It provides tools that can read on-screen text, look up definitions, help with vocabulary, research and much more.  Once installed the Read&Write Gold customizable toolbar can be integrated and used with applications like Microsoft Word, web browsers (like Internet Explorer and Chrome), Adobe Reader and many others. 

Who is eligible to download RWG?

RWG is available to all MSU faculty, staff and students through a campus-wide license.The software can be downloaded on both MSU-owned and personal computers. 

Download & Installation Instructions

Please choose the appropriate instructions for your situation and download location:

MSU-owned, employee computers:   

Use these instructions if you are an employee with a University-owned computer that is never taken off the MSU network.  If you have an MSU-owned laptop that you use at locations off campus, please use the Student/Off Campus instructions below.  


Student laptops/computers or any computer used off campus:

if you will be downloading RWG to your laptop while you are on campus please follow these instructions:

If you will be downloading RWG to your laptop from an off campus location please follow these instructions:

  1.  Email the Service Desk at helpdesk@montana.edu and request off-campus access to Read&Write Gold.

  2.  A Service Desk representative will respond to you with a link to a Box folder. This folder contains clickable links to download Mac or Windows  versions of ReadWrite Gold as well as instructions. 

  3.  Read the instructions located in the Box folder then download and install RWG. 

 Read&Write Gold Introduction Video

 video camera icon Read&Write Gold Introduction video

(includes explanation on downloading, installing, customizing and using the Read&Write Gold toolbar)

Text version of RWG Introduction video.