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Read&Write Gold (RWG) is literacy support software.  It provides tools that:

  • read on-screen text,
  • look up definitions
  • help with vocabulary
  • turn documents and web pages into MP3 files
  • assist with research and much more.  

Once installed, the Read&Write Gold customizable toolbar can be integrated and used with applications like Microsoft Word, web browsers (like Internet Explorer and Chrome), Adobe Reader (PDFs) and many others.  

Who is eligible to download RWG?

RWG is available to all MSU faculty, staff and students through a campus-wide license . The software can be downloaded on both MSU-owned and personal computers. 

Download & Installation

Download Read&Write software using the light blue button in the right side panel.  PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below contain information that you will need in order to install RWG.   

Training Resources

Each video in the YouTube playlist demonstrates how to use one of RWG's features.