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Read&Write Gold (RWG) is literacy support software.  It provides tools that can be used online or in desktop apps that:

  • read on-screen text
  • look up definitions
  • help with vocabulary
  • turn documents and web pages into MP3 files
  • assist with research and much more

Once installed, the Read&Write Gold customizable toolbar can be integrated and used with applications like Microsoft Word, web browsers (like Internet Explorer and Chrome), Adobe Reader (PDFs) and many others.  


Who is eligible to download RWG?

MSU faculty, staff, students

Platform/OS Support

The MSU license provides RWG software for Mac and Windows computers and iPad and Android tablets*.  Software may be downloaded on MSU-owned and/or personally-owned computers.   

See the RWG feature matrix for information on the various features available on apps by OS.

Download & Installation Instructions


IMPORTANT: The instructions below contain information that you will need in order to install R&W Gold on Mac or Windows computers including a link to the software portal where you will download the software.

R&W Gold for Mac

R&W Gold for Windows


Serial number
During the RWG setup process on iPad and Android, you will be prompted to "register" or "link" the app to an existing Read&Write account or license, in order to take advantage of all premium features.
Enter this serial number:  423696875876747574.  More details are provided in the set up and use instruction links below.


Training Resources

Getting Started Training & Guides 


Videos demonstrate how to use RWG's features on each device.