At each communication outlet location AMP Netconnect components shall be installed in a single or double gang electrical or surface box. All conduit and surface raceway boxes at each workstation outlet shall be “deep” models. If installation is in a single gang or surface-raceway box, an AMP Single Gang Faceplate is needed. If installation is in a double gang box, an AMP Double Gang Faceplate is needed. Part numbers for the AMP products are as follows:

TE Single Gang 4 port Faceplate 558088-1
TE Double Gang 4 port Faceplate 83935-1


TE keystone jack inserts shall be used in the workstation outlet. AMP Category 6 modular inserts shall be used for all cables. If no jack insert is required, an AMP SL Series blank insert shall be installed. Part numbers for the inserts are as follows:

TE Category 6 Modular Insert 1375055-1
TE SL Series Blank Insert 1116412-1


Jack cable sets (2 cables) shall be oriented left and right in a faceplate, to match the orientation on the patch panel in the TR. Typically, the left cable is used for the telephone connection, and the right cable is used for the network connection. Because both cables are Category 6, they can be used for voice or data service as required.