Fall 2019 ~ Under Construction

US 101US: Place & Identity

University Studies First-Year Seminar (US 101US) is a discussion-based course designed to create a supportive environment to help students take an active role in their education, transition into the college academic atmosphere, and become a part of the Montana State University community of critical thinkers. It is a small class, and it is a seminar class. This means that it is student-centered and student-driven. As an interdisciplinary course, US 101US is not about content-delivery. It is about offering opportunities for students to pursue meaningful answers to important, provocative questions:

  • What is my place in the world?
  • What is my place at MSU and in this classroom?
  • What is my place in this moment in time?

Place and Identity. Each of these questions refers to this concept, and the texts, excerpts, and articles that are examined in this course address these questions in direct and indirect ways in an interdisciplinary manner.


Convocation Text



Reading List for Fall 2019 Curriculum - under construction