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Spring 2009

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PHoto of Larry Baker, Dean of the College of EHHD.


From the Desk of Larry Baker,
Dean of the College of Education, Health & Human Development



It is with great excitement and anticipation that we present to you Volume 1, Issue 1 of the new magazine from the College of Education, Health and Human Development.  This “online” journal allows us the opportunity to communicate quickly and effectively with our friends and constituents.  There is so much exciting news to share with you that regular news print is inadequate.  

I never tire of sharing the news from the students, faculty and staff in the College.  The wonderful and miraculous things they do transform our lives.  Often the loud and boisterous acclaim with such exciting news is missing.  While the impacts are significant, the recognition is insufficient. 

Even though the magazine, Imprints, is from the College of EHHD, it is also about you our friends and alumni.  We ask you to share your unique stories of accomplishments and acclaim.  It is such a tragedy if those stories go untold and unheard.  We invite you to participate. 

I believe that you will be amazed at the magnitude of the global web that we have created.  For those who may be skeptics, I encourage you to read on, stay tuned and engage with us.  The imprints we make in the lives of our friends and constituents are profound.
Welcome. The journey begins!

Signature of Larry Baker


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