Scholarship Applications and Information

Most scholarships are available for every level of student, from incoming freshman to graduate students.

The scholarship application process for 2014-2015 has ended. The deadline for submission was January 17, 2014.

STOP! Do not start filling out the application until you have read the instructions below in their entirety.

Steps to a Successful Application Process.

Follow the steps below before you begin to fill out the online form.

  1. Before you begin to fill out the application, it is important that you access the form, (Education form) or (Health and Human Development form), review the needed information, and then gather all the information you need. Do this before you start to fill out the application, as you will not be able to save any entered information on the application and come back to it later. The form needs to be completed and submitted in one sitting. Also, have your MSU Student ID ready.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the links below according to your department for a list of scholarships and their criteria. For all applicants, carefully read the criteria for EACH scholarship and make a list of those scholarships for which you qualify. Please do not apply for scholarships for which you don't qualify.

  3. The application form is generic and suits all scholarship requirements. You must answer all questions.

  4. Entering freshmen, scroll down on this page and click on the "Incoming Freshman" link to view scholarships for which freshmen students are eligible.You MUST have an MSU Banner Student ID (GID#) to complete the application. You get this number when you are accepted by the Admission's Office at MSU.

  5. Write your essay BEFORE you start filling out the application. Write it in a Word doc or other word processing document and save it to your computer. Include the following information, even if not required for the scholarships for which you are applying. Include your professional and personal goals and how a scholarship will help you achieve your educational goals. Also include leadership, organizations you belong to, volunteer/extracurricular activities, honors and awards, work experience, and other supporting information that will help the scholarship committee evaluate you and your application.

  6. When you submit your application, you will receive a copy in an email. Please review the information to ensure it is correct. If there is something that you need to change, you will need to resubmit a new application.
  • TWO recommendation forms are necessary (one from a faculty member or instructor, or a high school teacher for incoming freshmen, and the other from an employer, a volunteer supervisor, another faculty member or instructor, or other professional recommendation--not a family member).
    • Applicants will need to copy and paste the recommendation form link in an email to each reference.
    • Recommendations will be submitted electronically, directly from your reference, to the scholarship coordinator, per instructions on the recommendation form
    • It is your responsibility to follow up with your references to make sure they have submitted them.

  • Include one unofficial copy of your transcript. Current MSU students, please obtain your unofficial copy from My Info.
      • Copy and paste your most recent transcript (including Fall 2013) into a Word Document;
      • Save it to your computer as lastname_firstname_transcript;
      • Then email it to with the word "transcript" in the subject line.
      • Entering Freshmen, please send your high school transcript as of Fall 2013, as soon as your semester ends and you receive your fall grades.

Click on the appropriate department link below to access the names of the scholarships and their criteria:

and Recommendation Form (to be emailed to two references).

Moebus Family Financial Planning Scholarship

Moebus Family and Consumer Sciences Recruitment Scholarship

Montana Dietetic Internship Scholarships

Please check with the Scholarship Coordinator in Reid 250 for several other scholarships offered by organizations outside the College, such as the Big Sky Retired Educators Association Scholarship and Jane Hammer Holmgren Scholarship for education students.