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Spring 2009

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Ukrainian School Named in Memory of Jim Hauwiller

A newly opened school in Yalta, Ukraine, has been named in memory of Jim Hauwiller, a former professor in education at MSU from 1976-2001. The Jim Hauwiller Children’s University was a dream of Tatiana (Tanya) Miasoyed, who had become acquainted with Hauwiller and his wife, Yvonne, in 1999, when she participated in an international program called Partners in Education. Miasoyed spent six weeks on the MSU campus with nine other educators from the Ukraine in a civic education program funded by American Councils for International Education (ACCELS).  In 2001, Dr. Hauwiller and Yvonne traveled to the Ukraine to follow up with the teachers in their own schools.

Photo of Tatiana teaching her students
Children of Jim Hauwiller School celebrate Thanksgiving.


Photo of Tatiana teaching her students in the Ukrain.
Tatiana Miasoyed with children at the Jim Hauwiller School.

“Dr. Hauwiller was generous, energetic, and helpful.  I was very glad to accept him and his wife as my guests.  After Jim’s death, I wanted to organize a children’s establishment in Yalta to tell Ukrainian teachers about this outstanding man,” said Miasoyed.

Her goal with the school is to teach children ages three to eight about culture and history, not only in their own country, but also other countries, especially the United States. 

Yvonne is traveling to Yalta this May to assist in the school for several weeks.  Tanya asked Yvonne for help with the English language program and in establishing a lunch program for the children.

“My family and I are pleased and honored,” said Hauwiller. 

For more information, please contact Yvonne Hauwiller at:

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