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Winter 2011

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From Dean Larry Baker


Learning to Crochet


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tech ed class

A Smashing Good Time

A small crowd of students gathered on the sidewalk outside Reid Hall on a cloudy winter day looking up to the windows on the fourth floor of the building.

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Ryan Hannahoe

Sharing a Love of Astronomy

Montana State University student Ryan Hannahoe loves astronomy and getting others excited about science, and it's instantly apparent.

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Community Growth and Well-Being.

Mike Vogel

Creating Healthy Homes

Extension Housing Specialist, Mike Vogel, received a three-year grant to conduct health assessments of tribal homes throughout Montana and the nation.

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Beth Rink

Greenland Bound

Elizabeth Rink, a health and human development professor, received a $959,000 grant, which will allow her and a team of researchers to work with three communities in Greenland for three years.

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teacher leaders

Science Partners

After Dora Hugs enrolled in a program designed to strengthen science education for Native American students, the science teacher at St. Charles Mission School in Pryor and member of the Crow tribe decided to invite Crow elders into her classroom to tell science-related stories.

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treadmill testing

Rolling On a Giant Treadmill

Nordic skiers from Montana State University and the Bozeman community have the opportunity to participate in advanced performance tests thanks to a new oversized treadmill at MSU's Movement Science/Human Performance Lab.

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family dinner

Family Mealtime

Do you ever wish your family could slow down long enough to all be at home at the same time? Why not organize a family mealtime into your routine?

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Slick Science

Alpine Study at Bridger Bowl
Graduate student Sara Willis tests a ski patroller at Bridger Bowl.

It's late fall and the snow watch is on in Bozeman. While other places in the country frequently dread the onset of winter, many people in Bozeman count the days to when they can first strap on their Nordic or downhill skis or snowboard.

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Alumni Connection

Genieve Chabot

A Love of Education and Travel

From the time she was a young girl, Genevieve (Walsh) Chabot has worn traveling shoes.

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In Short

News Briefs

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The State's First Dietetics Internship at MSU

culinary management

In the past, Montana State University dietetic students who wanted to become registered dietitians had to leave Montana to fulfill their internship requirements. Food and nutrition professor Alison Harmon said this is no longer the case.

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Art Bangert

Education Professor Art Bangert Sails with Teacher-At-Sea program. Read about this story and others in "News Briefs."

New to MSU: Looking Within

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