EHHD Student Research and Conference Presentations

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Student Name Faculty Member Department
(Grad or Undergrad)
Project Title Where/When Presented
Bandstra, Abbie
Harriman, Elena
Nigel Wateron Education undergraduate Overwriting Stereotypes: Using Narrative to Teach Critical Perspectives National Council of Teachers of English, Boston, MA
Ranta, Emily Dan Heil HHD graduate Distribution of late summer training intensity in maters-aged recreational cross-country skiers: A pilot study International Congress on Science and Skiing2013, Austria
Ulrich, Mary Carrie Myers Education graduate Faculty Assumptions, Beliefs and Teaching Practices in Service Learning Overseas

International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement,
Omaha, NE

Rauk, Erika John Seifert HHD graduate The influence of slope angle and gate length during slalom training in developing alpine ski racers International Congress on Science and Skiing, Austria
Jackson, Lindsay Carrie Myers, Marilyn Lockhart Education graduate Collaborations and Partnerships: The Foundation of Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) AAACE Conference: Building Sustainable Futures Through Learning and Partnerships,
Lexington, KY
Haluszka, Julia
Garand, Molly
Schreckendgust, Jennifer
Frankovic, Richelle
Smith, Samantha
Garneau, Jeremiah
Nicole Wanago HHD undergraduate Common Core Language Arts: Strategies that Work in the FCS Classroom Montana Association for Career and Technical Education Conference, 
Bozeman, MT
Reusch, Tim Alison Harmon HHD graduate Sustainable Food Systems and the Role of Greenhouse Crop Production Hydroponic Greenhouse Crop Production Intensive Course
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
January 5, 2014
Munson, Michael William Ruff Education graduate Infusing Indigenous Paradigms in Pedogogical Practices to Transform Mainstream Education (K-20 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Educatiion (WiPC:E)
Wailuku, Hawaii
May 18, 2014
Johnson, Catherine Carrie Myers Education graduate Advancing Diverse Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ph.D. Programs AERA National Conference
Philadelphia, PA
April 7, 2014
Jay, Sara
Horrigan, Laura
Brown, Karen
Mary Miles HHD Graduate Glycemic Response to Recovery Meal Differs Following Concentric and Eccentric Exercise Bouts National ACSM Conference:
Orlando, FL
May 27, 2014