Montana State University

Affiliate Faculty

Anne Camper

Anne Camper, Ph.D., Assoc. Dean of Engineering & Professor

Interests: Biofilm growth and control in drinking and industrial water systems; the fate, transport and survival of pathogens in biofilm systems; and the physiology of biofilm bacteria

Office: EP 315
Phone: 406 994-4906

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Mark Jutila, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: Inflammatory disease and developmental immunology; molecular events that control leukocyte entry into sites of acute and chronic inflammation. Analyses of gamma/delta T cells in the context of host immune responses and developmental immunology.

Office: MO
Phone: 406 994-4540

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John Peters

John Peters, Ph.D., Director, TBI / Associate Professor, Chem/Biochem

Interests: Hydrogen metabolism and nitrogen fixation in thermal environments.

Office: 224 CR Building
Phone: 406 994-7213

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Brent Peyton

Brent Peyton, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: Fundamental and applied research in the areas of biofuels, extremophilic bioprocessing, and in situ biocatalyzed heavy metal transformations.

Office: CB 305
Phone: 406 994-7419

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Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn, Ph.D., Professor, & Chair of Vet & Mol. Biol.

Interests: Understanding microbicidal mechanisms utilized by innate immune cells in defense of host against pathogens.

Office: MO 125
Phone: 406 994-4707

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Jovanka Voyich-Kane

Jovanka Voyich-Kane, Assistant Professor

Interests: long-term objective of research is to define the influence of sensory/regulatory systems on CA-MRSA virulence using clinically relevant strains. See link below for more information on reseach.

Office: Cooley
Phone: 406 994-7184

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Timothy McDermott

Timothy R. McDermott, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: Soil & environmental microbiology, focusing on: microbe-metalloid interactions involving arsenic, selenium, and antimony; microbial ecophysiology and population genetics in geothermal environments.

Office: LJ 624
Phone: 406 994-2190

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Dave Ward

Dave Ward, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: to understand microbial diversity as it really occurs in nature as a consequence of ecological and evolutionary processes

Office: Leon Johnson 620
Phone: 406 994-3401

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Mark Young

Mark Young, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Interests: Utilizes viruses to understand viral diseases as model systems to explore cell biology. Combines biochemical & genetic approaches to examine the interplay of viral and host gene products.

Office: 111A Chemistry BioScience
Phone: 406 994-5158

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Mark Young

Carl Yeoman Assistant Professor, Rumen/Gastrointestinal Microbiology

Interests: Molecular techniques to examine the microbial ecology associated with animal systems. My specific focus is on the microbial ecosystems of the gut and their role in health, nutrition and performance and those occupying the vaginal tract and their relation to reproductive performance.

Office: AB 321
Phone: 406 994-7440
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