Montana State University

Research Faculty


Matthew W. Fields, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Interim Department Head

Interests: The Fields Lab is interested in anaerobic microbiology, physiology, and ecology, bioremediation, environmental genomics, applied methanogenesis, and biofuels

Office: 319 EPS
Phone: 406 994-7340

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Eric Boyd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Interests:  Environmental Microbiology

Office: 631A  Leon Johnson

Phone: 406 994-7046




Mensur Dlakic, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Interests: The Dlakic Lab is interested in ribosome synthesis in budding yeast; Protein evolution and 3D modeling of proteins; Structural polymorphism of DNA; Comparative genomics

Office: LJ 415B
Phone: 406 994-6576

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Michael Franklin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Interests: The Franklin Lab researches molecular genetics; microbial exopolymer production; physiology of sessile bacteria; alginate biosynthesis

Office: 213 Cooley

Phone: 406 994-5658

Lab: 406 994-2420

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Gill Geesey, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: The Geesey Lab is interested in metal and radionuclide transformations by iron- and sulfate-reducing bacteria in sub-surface environments

Office: 621 Leon Johnson Hall Phone: 406 994-3820

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Sandra Halonen, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Interests: Intracellular parasitism and host-parasite interactions. Research studies the interactions of T. gondii and N.canium with their host cells (neurons, astrocytes and microglia) in the central nervous system and the immune response in the brain to these parasites.

Office: 215 Cooley            Phone: 406 994-5351     

Lab: 406 994-2641

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Al Jesaitis, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: Molecular basis of signal transduction; host defense in human neutrophils

Office: 113 Lewis Hall
Phone: 406 994-4811

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Deborah E. Keil, Associate Professor Ph.D. MLS

Interests: Environmental Toxicology, Immunotoxicology, Medical Laboratory Science, and Clinical Chemistry

Office: 103 Lewis Hall




Marcie McClure, Ph.D., Professor

Interests: The McClure Lab is interested in Genomics; computational biology

Office: 101 Lewis Hall
Phone: 406 994-7370

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Heini Miettinen, Associate Research Professor

Interests: The Miettinen Lab researches the function and regulation of human chemoattractant receptors

Office: 163 Molecular Biosciences
Phone: 406 994-4014

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Seth Walk, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Interests: Microbial ecology and evolution, GI tract microbiology and epidemiology of noscomial pathogens.

Office: Cooley 219 Phone: 406 994-2649