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  • Microbiology Acheivement Awards- Congratulations to our latest recipients!
Departmental Annual Awards 2013

William G. & Mary H. Walter - Jenda Thornton and Kimberly Shields

Irving L. Weissman - Madison Martin

Frank B. Cotner - Hallie Bronec and Kristi VandeBergh

Linda Long-Linda Hunter - Cecilia Esparza

Outstanding Junior - Sadie Steinbeisser

Outstanding Senior - Kelly Christensen

Microbiology Academic Achievement Award - Tanner Bleskin

Carol Belohlavek & Nicholas Hether - Morgan Derby


  • The New York Times honors MSU Microbiology Graduate Maurice Hilleman as, "A Forgotten Pioneer of Vaccines" In their May 6th, 2013 article.
  • Former MSU football player hopes his research will benefit Eastern Montana - November 2011. Our own humble graduate student, Elliott Barnhart makes news upon conducting research on microorganisms' role in coal bed methane production.
  • MSU grad's vaccines save millions - Oct, 2011. Maurice Hilleman who originated from this department several decades ago, is best known for creating eight of the 14 life-saving vaccines we use today. He helped reshape history, and we are proud to call him an allumni!
  • A Rememdy At Last for the Ailing Ganges? - Apr, 2011. Discussions on water quality solutions for the Ganges by Steve Hamner.
  • Is your cell phone making you sick? - February, 2011. Our very own Kari Cargill and her lab were featured on the news for a piece on the typical germs found on everyday items such as your cell phone, purse/wallet, etc. Video Link
  • The [Big] Sky's the Limit!: - January, 2011. Montana State University made it into Delta's Airlines featured magazine, highlighting the Treasure State in the January edition of Sky Magazine. Here are some noteworthy pages: Pg 106 - Jacob Valenzuela, a graduate student in Microbiology Asstant Professor, Dr. Matthew Fields' lab, is pictured doing research (the one with the pipetor); Pg 118: Gives highlights of MSU and make mention of the amazing vaccine discoveries of past Microbiologist, Maurice Hilleman ("developed vaccines for chicken pox, meningitis, and hepatitis A and B"); Pg 125: Assistant Professor, Matthew Fields pictured doing field work with graduate student, Jacob Valenzuela. Link to Delta's Montana MagazineLink to News Article
  • News (Aug. 11, 2010): Mari Eggers' & Crystal Richards' "MSU/Crow project helps diagnose water issues on reservation" - Continuing research by Microbiology grad students, Mari Eggers and Crystal Richards has shown evidence of H. pylori in the reservation's drinking water. This bacteria is linked to "stomach problems, diarrhea, ulcers, pulmonary disease, pneumonia and Legionnaire's disease" (MSU News). More info
  • Cooley Renovation - The NIH granted MSU a nearly $15 million grant as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.Additional funding for the project will also be funded through another source through NIH. Read more about the renovation here.
  • Spring 2010 Microbiology Seminar Series - The Spring 2010 Microbiology Seminar page has been composed and will be continually updated throughout the semester.
  • (Updated November 11, 2009) Barry Pyle will now be offering three online Microbiology courses through the National Teachers' Enhancement Network and Master of Science in Science Education programs. These courses are administered through the Extended University, and include MB 536 - Exploring Microbiology (offered each fall), MB 540 - Applied Microbiology (offered alternating spring semesters), and the newest course, MB 542.For additional information on MB 542,click here.
  • Kristen Brileya & Kelly O'Shea, Microbiology Graduate Students, were awarded ASM CAP Student Travel Grant Awards (Spring 2009). This will allow for them and a small handful of other deserving students $500.00 each in travel grants. They will be presenting an abstract at the upcoming General Meeting.
  • Crystal Richards, Microbiology Graduate Student, to receive prestigious EPA STAR fellowship (Spring 2008). More info
  • News (September 17, 2008): Keith Cooksey video -TERRA 446: Algal Biofuels II(watch).
  • News (August 04, 2008): First class begins training in new Montana program (read article).
  • News (July 18, 2008): MSU researcher uses grant to study little-known but largely useful microbes (read article).
  • News (July 9, 2008): Space research takes MSU student to France and beyond (read article).
  • News (May 6, 2008): MSU research reaches Supreme Court of India (read article).
  • News (March 4, 2008): MSU experiments to be launched on space shuttle (read article).
  • News (January 4, 2008): MSU researcher finds renewed interest in turning algae into fuel (read article).
  • News (September 14, 2007): Russian rocket carries experiment to be analyzed at MSU (read article).
  • Annoucement (Aug. 14, 2007): We are pleased to announce the development of the Montana Medical Laboratory Science Training Program. Funding for the program was obtained through the State of Montana legislature and Workforce Development and Equipment Grants. (more information...)
  • News: Funding for the Cooley Lab Renovation - The department has recieved a four million dollar award from the National Institutes of Health to renovate the Cooley Microbiology Laboratories. We believe that this highly competetive and prestigious award is the first of its kind on the MSU campus. We are currently seeking a further four million dollars to complete the full scope of the project (more information...)
  • Montana Scientists Address Diarrheal Disease in India (February 2007)
  • MSU Professor Attends China’s First Environmental Health Conference