A young woman is bent over a camera, pointing towards the Great Prismatic Spring (a pool of water that is deep cerulean, then ringed with green, and finally fading towards orange) in Yellowstone National Park.


Explore film history, aesthetics, theatrical production skills and the industry before finding a niche in a production country, in cinematography or other areas of the creative industry.

Film – B.A. in Film and Photography, Film Emphasis

Students in the Film program at Montana State gain a hands-on education in motion picture production with a variety of studio and theory courses that expose future filmmakers to both the practical and historical aspects of the field. After applying to the Film program, students focus on scriptwriting, acting, documentary film and production for film and theatre, among other subjects – all while having ample opportunity to gain on-the-job experience through internships with major names in the film industry, submissions to major film festivals and more.

The Film and Photography major at Montana State offers two other Options Within the Major: Photography and Integrated Lens-Based Media.




After meeting in their freshman film class, Montana State students Omar Parker and Charles Burt went on to found their own production company. Some of their films were showcased in the world’s top film festivals, including Sundance and Cannes, before they had even graduated.



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Learn from Leaders
Students in the Montana State film program learn from faculty members whose work has been celebrated at national and international film festivals.

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Interdisciplinary Exploration
A multi-discipline team of Montana State faculty and students from the School of Film and Photography and the Department of Education is working with the Piikani (Blackfeet) tribal community to help record important oral histories and bring digital storytelling to life. 

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Legacy of Excellence
Montana State film alumni have won three Oscars, numerous Emmys and have worked on hits like Walking Dead, Dexter, Star Wars Episode VII and many others.




Career Resources

Within their first year of graduation, more than 96% of Montana State graduates are employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment, and career guidance website Zippia consistently ranks MSU as the #1 school in the state where alumni are most likely to land jobs.

Career Coaching & Professional Skills Studio

Professional career coaches help students with their career exploration, employer networking opportunities and job or internship searches. They also critique resumes and help students practice job interviews. Additionally, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success offers free workshops for students to develop the professional communication and collaboration skills that are highly sought after by employers.


Film students at Montana State University go into careers such as:

  • Cinematographer
  • Film & Video Editor
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Sound Designer/Mixer

To explore more career possibilities, the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success has a variety of tools available, including self-assessment and working with career coaches.