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Montana's Premier University

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Fall 2018 Freshman Class Enrollment
Top 10 Student Home States (Fall 2018)
Montana 8,675
Washington 1,285
California 1,111
Colorado 1,083
Minnesota 518
Oregon 401
Idaho 388
Alaska 289
Illinois 231
Wyoming 211

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Remarkable people teach, work and study at Montana State. MSU Bobcats are…

Lynsey Dyer


The Trail Blazer

Lynsey Dyer won two Junior Olympic Gold Medals for ski racing in high school, before going on to a 3rd place national finish in NCAA Division I Ski Racing at MSU. Dyer founded She Jumps, a nonprofit using mentorship to increase female participation in outdoor activities.

John Dahl


The Hollywood Director

After graduating from the MSU film program, John Dahl moved to Los Angeles to direct films. He has directed episodes of popular TV shows, including Dexter, Breaking Bad and Hannibal. He cast one of his MSU professors, Bill Pullman, in his film The Last Seduction.

Megan Sullivan


The Global Interpreter

As a student, Megan Sullivan travelled to a small village in Mali. She published two children’s books to preserve traditional stories within the village. She’s currently a professional photographer, with photos published by The New York Times, Keen, and Billabong.

John Priscu


The Researcher

As a global leader in researching the unknown continent of Antarctica, MSU Professor John Priscu and his team were the first to discover life underneath the frozen continent's ice sheet. Dr. Priscu has authored nearly 200 refereed journal articles and 7 books.