Important: Montana State University requires all students to meet the following immunization requirements before registering for classes.

  • Part 1: MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)

    • Students need to submit official documentation showing two MMR vaccinations that meet the following requirements:
      • Two doses started after 12 months of age
      • Must be at least 28 days between dose 1 and 2
      • Can be as combined  or individual vaccines
      • Any dose given before 1968 is not considered adequate
      • The second dose must be after 1980
      • Students can have titers to prove immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella in place of MMR vaccination records. 
    • Record must include student's name and date of birth.

    • Students born before January 1, 1957 are not required to submit documentation of MMRs 
    • Official documentation must include the student's name and date of birth
      • Immunization record from doctor's office
      • State-certificate of immunization 
      • Record of immunizations from county health department
      • High school transcript including immunizations
      • Military immunization record
      • Yellow Card immunization booklet
      • Childhood immunization booklet
      • Lab results of titers showing immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. Must submit full lab report. 
      • SHP-Medical Services immunization form completed by a healthcare provider
  • Part 2: Tuberculosis Screening Form

    • Please read and complete the Tuberculosis Screening Form. Then return it to SHP-Medical Services.

      • Print the tuberculosis screening form. Complete all of part 1 including the section for your name and date of birth. Then follow the instructions on the form to do part 2 or 3. Return it to our office via mail, email, or fax. An emailed picture of the completed form will work.
      • Part 1 must be filled out completely including name, date of birth, and date you are answering the questions (today's date section). Student id number can be left blank if number is unknown. 

    • Read and complete the above form before scheduling a TB skin test!

      • Documentation of a TB skin test must include the injection date, read date, and results in millimeters (not just positive or negative). It must be done within the one- year period prior to the start of classes.
      • A quantiferon gold test can be submitted in place of the TB skin test.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can check you status by logging into MyInfo  ( Directions for setting up your account information can be found on this admissions orientation page. 

Information on holds on your account will be found on the Student Records page under the Student Services tab.

An Initial Immunization hold indicates that something is missing or did not meet the requirements for the immunization documentation. A Tuberculosis Screening hold means that our office has not received your TB screening form or that there is another step or more information is required.

If neither hold is listed, your documentation has met the requirements. Please contact our office with questions.


You can check your immunization status by calling our office at 406-994-2311. A staff member will be happy to review your account with you.

Immunization records and registration holds have to be processed by a staff member, so you may continue to see a registration hold after you’ve submitted your documentation. Please allow some time for our staff to process your records.

Immunization records are usually processed within 48 hours. But this time frame does vary depending on the volume of incoming records. 

Please call our office with any concerns or to check your status at 406-994-2311.

MSU only requires documentation of two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccinations and the Tuberculosis Screening Form. 

However, we recommend discussing your vaccination history and which shots you need to update with your primary care provider. 

You can get the MMR vaccination at the SHP-Medical Services clinic or at a doctor's office, county health department, or pharmacy of your choice. 

We encourage you to call around for pricing and contact your insurance company to check the  locations at which they will cover the cost. 

Please complete and read the Tuberculosis Screening form carefully. You may not need a TB skin test.

If you do need to complete the TB skin test, also called a PPD skin test, you can get the test done at the SHP-Medical Services clinic or at a doctor's office, or county health department of your choice.If you use an outside clinic, please have that office send us the documentation of your TB test including injection date, read date, and result in millimeters.

We encourage you to call around for pricing and contact your insurance company to check the  locations at which they will cover the cost if it is covered by your insurance plan.

If you have another form of official documentation on the list above and are submitting that to our office, you do not need to complete the SHP Immunization Form.

If you are submitting the SHP Immunization Form as your documentation of two MMR vaccinations, it must be signed by a doctor, nurse, physician's assistant, family nurse practitioner, or other health care provider. It will also need their clinic stamp.

MSU only requires documentation of two MMR vaccines and the tuberculosis screening form. .

Please discuss your vaccination needs with your health care provider. 

Here is list of recommended vaccines to discuss:

  • Meningococcal (MCV) ACY-135
  • Meningococcal B
  • Tetanus/TDaP
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Varicella
  • Flu Shot
  • COVID-19

Recommended vaccines are not required for enrollment in classes. Those records are kept on file at SHP-Medical Services as health records for the individual student. 


Please call our office at (406) 994-2311 or email questions about immunizations to [email protected].