All students taking six (6) or more credits are required to have and maintain medical insurance for the duration of their time attending Montana State University. MSU offers a comprehensive health insurance plan to students, or you can acquire your own insurance. 

The Montana University System contracts with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana to provide and insurance plan specifically for students. The student insurance plan is in full compliance with the Affordable Care Act and, for many students, may be a better value than other coverage, including as a dependent on a parent's coverage. To learn more about the plan's benefit coverage, visit our dedicated MSU web page at Blue Cross Blue Shielf of MT.

Compare your health plan to the Montana University System student insurance plan.

Coverage Periods and Premiums for 2024 / 2025
Fall 2024
Aug 1, 2024 - Jan 31, 2025
Spring 2025
Feb 1 - Jul 31, 2025
For students continuing from previous Fall
Spring 2025
Jan 1 - Jul 31, 2025
For new plan enrollee; not enrolled in previous Fall

*Prices include a $10 administration fee

Fast Facts:

  • The Student Health Insurance Plan is specialized and negotiated specifically for the students of the Montana University System.
  • Coverage is available to active, enrolled students only; there is no option for spouse/dependent coverage.
  • Signing up for the student insurance plan is done when registering for classes.
  • Students must accept and purchase or decline the plan each semester.
  • The plan is purchased for the entire duration of the semester coverage period; there is no pro-ration.
  • Some international students may have different verification requirements; speak with your sponsor for full details.
  • All insurance-related transactions (accept, decline, or change) must be completed by the 15th class day of the fall and spring semesters by contacting the health insurance office at [email protected] or (406) 994-3199.

Additional Information

Please see these pages for information regarding MSU's requirement for insurance and using your insurance at MSU Student Health Services.

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Ph: (406) 994-3199